March 10, 2020 Gig Harbor, WA – According to a recent industry report, in 2019 alone, the U.S. was hit by a barrage of ransomware attacks that impacted more than 966 government agencies, educational establishments, and healthcare providers, costing potentially in excess of $7.5 billion.

Veteran-owned and operated CBA Inc. dba Intuitus announced today that it is launching Intuitus Managed Detection and Response (MDR) based on proven technology from The Boeing Company used by the US defense sector to detect and prevent malware including ransomware.

The cybersecurity landscape is vast and the vendor ecosystem is huge. What makes Intuitus unique?

Intuitus is offering a fully self-contained, automated defense-grade cybersecurity solution monitored by human experts as an outsourced service at a very affordable price to small-to-medium sized businesses.

The new service can also be categorized as SECaaS (Security-as-a-Service) or SOCaaS (Security Operations Center-as-a-Service). The core technology has been in continuous development since 2007 by The Boeing Company, and has been protecting some of the nation’s most vital assets for more than a decade. Intuitus has built network forensic sensors and a SOC based on this technology and hired a formidable team of cybercrime fighters, many veterans, dedicated to making the world safer from cyberattacks.

Gartner defines MDR as follows: The goal of MDR services is to rapidly identify and limit the impact of security incidents to customers. These services are focused on remote 24/7 threat monitoring, detection and targeted response activities. MDR providers may use a combination of host and network-layer technologies, as well as advanced analytics, threat intelligence, forensic data, and human expertise for investigation, threat hunting and response to detected threats.

“For small-to-mid-sized businesses with limited budgets and a scarcity of talent, setting up all the elements needed for MDR can be challenging.”, says Dave Shaw, Intuitus CEO. “Intuitus MDR is perfect for them because we provide a comprehensive service that can be rapidly deployed at a low cost with minimal involvement of their staff. Whether they already have in-house cybersecurity staff or not, we can still protect them effectively.”

Unlike competitors, Intuitus technology is fully self-sufficient to provide the service; the customer needs no other vendor tools such as SEIM, SOAR, IDS, and other commonly used cybersecurity tools. Intuitus MDR is self-sufficient because it has a comprehensive set of tools that was conceived from the very beginning to work together, although it can also ingest information from tools that the customer is currently using.

Intuitus can eliminate a lot of costs and headaches while at the same time providing an outcome-based approach (as opposed to procedure-based) to cybersecurity. At the end of the day, it does not matter whether your employees were trained in cybersecurity or that you followed procedures – all it takes is one weak link for hackers or insiders to exploit your network. With Intuitus, you will be alerted immediately and cyber defense experts will help you respond effectively before any lasting damage can be done. The Intuitus methodology is so thorough that if you wanted to make a legal case of it, all of the forensic evidence is preserved.

Through their partnership with Intrado, participation in industry organizations such as NENA (National Emergency Number Association) and APCO (Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials-International), and 911/PSAP community members, Intuitus has emerged as the leading voice in 911/PSAP cybersecurity.

Whether customers want to fully outsource their security or outsource only their threat hunting and response, Intuitus is a simple and elegant way to eliminate the complexity of securing their organizations.

Intuitus has just launched their redesigned website as they begin a drive to select new channel partners to expand their global footprint.

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