Incident Response

Intuitus Cybersecurity Consulting provides customers with the information they need to develop a cohesive security posture. If you do not see the service you need, talk to us.

We offer custom consulting as well.


Incident Response Action Plan (IRAP)

It is not if a cybersecurity incident will happen, but when it will happen. Companies need to be prepared by knowing what to do in advance. If a security incident is detected via Intuitus MDR, the IRAP provides the vehicle to respond and mitigate it.

Intuitus will produce a written IRAP that is tailored to the customer and gives clear step-by-step instructions on what to do next in the event of a cyber incident. Instructions include tasks by name or by position and playbooks to respond to the most common cyber incidents.

Incident Response Action Plan (IRAP)

Incident Response (IR) Consulting

Many organizations do not have the on-hand expertise or experience to mitigate the damage caused by a cyber incident. Intuitus IR Consulting puts an IR specialist on your team to assist your personnel in going through the steps necessary to stop further damage and provide guidance on how to get your organization back to “normal.”

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