Penetration Testing

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External Penetration Testing

The “Pen” Test is designed to expose security vulnerabilities by emulating the latest tactics, techniques, and procedures in real time with real, simulated attacks. The Pen Test has a singular goal of compromising the organization and obtaining sensitive data or access to systems. Vulnerabilities that were used throughout the attack are delivered in a chronological timeline of events which lead to compromise and/or sensitive information disclosure.

The external Pen Test replicates what a threat actor replicates what a threat actor could do if attacking from the outside of your network and tests the perimeter defenses of the network. This test simulates a threat actor which has no prior knowledge of the internal network or the components within.

Internal Penetration Testing

Like the external pen test, the internal pen test is designed to expose security vulnerabilities. However an internal pen test exposes misconfigurations, internal threats, and threats from active adversaries inside an organization’s network.

Annual Subscription

An annual subscription allows for up to 12 pen tests per year. The pen tests can be either internal or external. An annual subscription is a great option if an organization is dynamic and is constantly under change. Applications include an organization developing and testing new software, rolling out new applications, or modifying their network and desires to check for security vulnerabilities along the way.

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