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Making sophisticated cyber defense solutions with human supervision affordable to organizations worldwide.

Our Mission

To make a big impact worldwide in thwarting ransomware and other cyberattacks by making sophisticated cyber defense solutions with human supervision affordable to organizations worldwide.


Our Vision

Make the world safer from cyberattacks by focusing on outcomes, rather than tools and processes.



There is a litany of tools and approaches for action-oriented approaches to securing your business, but the elements of an outcome-oriented approach are simple. To detect attacks early and thwart breaches before they happen, at a minimum, the following elements need to be in place:

  • A recognition by your executives of the grave threat posed by cybersecurity breaches.
  • The institutional will and budget to put up a defense.
  • Instrumentation of your organization’s unique network segments and key hosts to capture all activity.
  • Automated intelligent procedures to detect off-pattern and nefarious activity early.
  • A security operations center (SOC) staffed 24/7 by trained cybersecurity analysts who can monitor unusual activity for possible breaches and employ other proactive measures such as threat-hunting.
  • An incident response team and plan that can rapidly implement counter-measures for any detected nefarious activity.
  • Continuous ongoing vigilance and training within the organization aimed at preventing infiltration.

Gartner defines MDR as follows: The goal of MDR services is to rapidly identify and limit the impact of security incidents to customers. These services are focused on remote 24/7 threat monitoring, detection and targeted response activities. MDR providers may use a combination of host and network-layer technologies, as well as advanced analytics, threat intelligence, forensic data, and human expertise for investigation, threat hunting and response to detected threats.

With limited budgets and a scarcity of talent, setting up all the elements needed for MDR can be challenging for many organizations. However, what if you could get all the people, processes, and technologies needed at a modest cost on an outsourced basis that could be rapidly deployed into your organization?

That's where we come in.


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Our Team.

Our CEO is a decorated former fighter pilot. Our COO is a former Special Forces officer, so we can't tell you what he did. We are a formidable team of cybercrime fighters, many veterans, dedicated to making the world safer from cyberattacks. Ask us how we can help you protect your organization!

team people

Zach Basford


Leading Operations, Zach is a Special Forces “Green Beret” officer with 20+ years of leadership experience dealing with complex problems in challenging environments. Zach has experience as a Cyber Defense Analyst and has headed the Information Security program in a large government organization.

team people

Brian Beckwith


Leading Science and Engineering, Brian is a strategic and tactical IT Solutions Leader & Technology Consultant leveraging more than 25 years of success and expertise leading cross-functional teams. He is one of the leading voices for PSAP/911 cybersecurity and a frequent speaker at NENA conferences.

team people

Jamie Ginn


Leading Technology & Analytics, Jamie, who is sometimes called "the geek who speaks" is trained, certified, and experienced in network security, data-in-transit security, host-based forensics, and data recovery. He ably leads our team of cyberdefense analysts and works closely with the Boeing development team.

team people

Saro Saravanan


Leading Strategy & Development, Saro is a technology executive with a strong track record of innovation and strategic thinking. Previously, Saro was Founder-CTO of $100M financial services SaaS startup, Chief Architect of many Fidelity SaaS products including NetBenefits, and Engineering Leader of TSA PreCheck. Saro has published two books and holds several patents.

team people

Dave Shaw


A seasoned combat pilot, jet fighter instructor, flight and industrial safety engineer, and a decorated senior USAF Officer, Dave previously served as Global MD of Business Intelligence and Security Consulting for Kroll Associates, Principal/Partner for Arthur Andersen, and Global MD for Aerospace & Defense and Business Intelligence.

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