Think globally and work / act locally is the new business norm forced upon us by the COVID19 crisis. A recent WSJ article reported that “CEOs had worries going into 2020—but not (all) about a pandemic with the potential to cripple global business on the scale of 9/11 or the 2008 financial crisis. Now, job number one is to keep employees safe, while keeping them calm and productive at the same time. The ability to weigh and mitigate risks with a level head is crucial. And many leaders are trying to do so remotely.”

A major risk facing these CEO’s is an extreme increase in active cybersecurity and Cyber-Physical Systems Security threats to their operations. With a large portion of their workforce suddenly forced to work remotely, in general, not enough precautions have been instituted to meet the stringent requirements for cybersecurity installed in their formerly co-located operations. This situation has posed a major challenge for even the most adept cybersecurity manager and is a stay awake issue for the C-suite.

Unfortunately, it appears that working remotely as a distributed workforce is going to be a lasting test of our operations, including cloud-based networks. One sure way of eliminating the cybersecurity and cyber-physical systems security worries is to embrace a seasoned cybersecurity service with a mature managed, detection, and response (MDR) offering. This MDR service will establish a robust cybersecurity shield to your enterprise operations, reach out to everyone of your remote workers with protective end point (individual user) protection, power up your cybersecurity awareness institution to now act both globally and locally in the cloud and on a newly distributed premises.

The threat actors have already solved the “working remotely” issue a long time ago and are now employing highly sophisticated tactics to stress your business operations. We sincerely invite you to reach out to us at to discuss how your business operations can be protected cost effectively with a comprehensive cyber combat hardened MDR solution that encompasses your enterprise operations, no matter its scale.