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We secure the nation's critical infrastructure. Let us secure yours.

In continuous development by Boeing for over a decade, Intuitus technology is protecting some of the nation’s most vital assets. We built a Security Operations Center (SOC) and forensic data collection appliances based on this technology and hired a team of experienced and certified cyber defense analysts, many of whom are veterans, with combined decades of front-line expertise in fighting cyberattacks in both the private sector and the military. The Boeing software automatically processes the vast majority of alerts and raises the attention of our cyber defense analysts for alerts that require their attention. They apply their expertise to address the alerts. Only alerts that require customer intervention are then raised to your IT staff. This is how we can keep your organization safe from the deluge of cyberthreats.



Our Engagement Model

Intuitus Security Operations Center (SOC) as a service with Managed Detection & Response (MDR) comes with all the necessary products, processes, and people to provide defense-grade cybersecurity. We are a highly responsive organization. We can be up and running quickly depending on customer needs and responsiveness. We tailor each installation to customer needs although we have a standardized process.



Security Baseline

We start with a security baseline assessment, which includes interviewing IT staff and using one or more of our forensic data collectors in the target networks. At the end of this assessment, we will be well aware of your network topology and the threats your network faces. (It is not uncommon for us to discover advanced persistent threats – i.e., a penetrated network ready to be used maliciously by hackers.)



Risk and Vulnerability Assessment (RVA)

We conduct an RVA that could include interviewing key personnel to determine the full nature of all knowns risks and vulnerabilities in the network and company. If any existing vulnerabilities or threats are detected, we will work with the customer to mitigate those at the earliest opportunity, depending on the urgency of the situation.



Incident Response and Action Plan (IRAP)

We create a comprehensive plan customized to each situation, listing all potential threats, and procedures and personnel that will take responsive actions.



Ongoing Protection

Once the initial implementation is completed, we will continually maintain contact with key personnel to create a working relationship that can quickly act if/when threats are detected.